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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Edible Flowers

Stir Fry Blooms

42 Edible Blooms to Spice Up Your Dinner Table 

Eating flowers is common in many cultures and the practice was quite the thing to do in the past. Nasturtiums and lilies do show up in salads and garnishes in 'better' restaurants from time to time, but  the practice has fallen out of fashion in North America until recently.

Years ago, I loved to stop at the Candy Bowl in Halifax when I had a bit of money to spare to buy candied violets and rose petals. I savoured the delicate, almost fruity flavour.

But that store has since vanished to be replaced, sadly, by a fast food restaurant.  I have no idea where to purchase such a treat today, although I suppose I could order online. You can buy just about anything out there.

On the other hand, if you're a tad creative, it's much more fun to do up your own, especially if you're a gardener and these overlooked tastly edibles are growing right outside your door. If you're going to go online, why not take a quick stock of the blooms in your back yard, wild or planted and search for a good recipe.

A quick run through of Amazon or Chapters will turn up a goodly collection of flower cook books, which suggests that a whole new troop of marigold munchers is taking up the habit. While some would suggest that they're probably the same lot that forages in city parks for other wild edibles, chances are, they're just plain old garden variety vegetarians, looking to add some color and exotic flavor to their meals. Flowers, sweet or savoury, however, are fun for everyone's dinner table.

Here's a list of edibles that includes the know how and recipes for cooking and preparing 42 edible flowers. Go ahead and indulge. Add some kick to your salads, pizazz to your soups and casseroles and delicious seasonings to your desserts and you'll impress your friends with your sophisticated culinary abilities.

Avocado with Violets Vinaigrette

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