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Natural Favours
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Saving the Land That Feeds Us

Soaring oil and food prices have been labelled by some as “the first real economic crisis of globalization".

According to the current issue of "Alternatives Journal", the owner of a dairy farm north-west of Toronto recently pocketed a cool $4.5 million dollars for his 40 hectare property. The $35,000 per acre payout by developers proved too good to resist.

The current issue of Alternatives Journal states that "Our growing nation’s insatiable appetite for housing, and the commercial and industrial development it spawns, has brought us to a fork in the road."

Standing at that crossroads, our choices are few: continue on the path of mass urban development and it's energy dependent imported food supply or take the road less travelled, towards protection of farmland and the farmers who supply food for the local market. Read the full article here:

Alternatives Journal