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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to Use a Log Splitter

How to Properly Use a Log Splitter

If you are a person that is always cutting trees for firewood, then you will want to think about getting a log splitter. Log splitters are a very expensive machine that is often purchased when there is a lot of wood that needs to be cut. Wood splitters are most commonly used for firewood or logs for furniture making. In fact, you can buy one wherever equipment for logging is sold; as well as on the internet.

One of the best selling log splitters is a hydraulic log splitter. In fact, there are many benefits of hydraulic splitters over any other ones. Some of the benefits of wood splitters are that they are very easy to use; they have either a gasoline or diesel engine; which is what makes the machine fire up.

When it comes to the features of a hydraulic log splitter, there are many to look for. In fact, one of the biggest features that people look at is the engine size; which ranges from 5-8 horsepower. Generally, any home wood splitter has a small engine that is commercially used. In most cases, it will have 10-25 tons of force when splitting wood as well as have a 2 stage oil pump.

For most people, the only purpose they have a wood splitter is for cutting logs into firewood; however, the tree must first be cut down and de-limbed by a chainsaw. In fact, the process of making firewood with a splitter is much easier and faster than doing it by physical labor; as it would take hours and even days to complete the job.

One of the biggest things to think about when using a splitter is safety. In fact, there are many tips that should be followed; and those are: 1. Children should never be allowed to operate the machinery. 2. Always make sure there are no children present, as there can always be debris flying. 3. Always wear protective gear (steel-toe boots and safety glasses) as well as no loose clothing; as it could get tangled in the machinery. 4. Before using it, read all the directions and owner's manual. 5. Make sure there is a safe perimeter around the machinery. 6. Don't ever make any adjustments while the machine is running. 7. Never operate the machine during the evening or night; always during daylight. 8. Never be impaired when operation the machine; no drugs or alcohol. 9. Always use on a dry surface. 10. Do not put anything else in the cutter except for wood. 11. Always make sure the guards are in place.

On some occasions people have purchased wood splitters for the purpose of furniture making; which is possible. In fact, many splitters can be set up for log furniture making; however, a chainsaw will still be necessary among other tools. Some of the other tools you will need for making log furniture are different sized clamps, instructional videos and books, larger sized chisels, mallet, wood guides of various sizes and a tenon among other things.

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