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Natural Favours
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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Survivalist Chic - Doomers Are Now Mainstream

According to a recent issue of Newsweek (click on title to view article), a new wave of 'preppers' has replaced the post-911 doomer generation. These aren't your average run of the mill survivalists dressed in army fatigues who've built a bivouac in the woods somewhere.

Nope, that was yesteryear, say, the 70's or a decade or so ago. This new, third-wave of survivalists is comprised of your son's teacher, your mechanic, your parents, perhaps you. Preppers are your average Mom and Pop who just happen to be stockpiling cans of Spam and candles, just in case.

Frightened by 911, climate change, overpopulation, peak oil and a tanking economy, the new mostly urban 'survivalist lite' crowd are the new doomers. They have buckets of grain and sugar stowed in their garage and they grow potatoes instead of manicured lawns, apple trees instead of Japanese maples.

As expected, a whole rash of "prepper' sites have sprung up to cater to those who just believe in covering their you-know-whats, and who can blame the capitalists, after all? There's a whole new market out there in doomerland.