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Natural Favours
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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fastest Way Ever to Hand Split Wood

Our urban migrant neighbor is very much involved with living sustainably and in sharing what he learns with others.

A couple of years ago, he learned a quick and easy trick for hand splitting fire-wood. This method, now being used by several of us along the shore not only saves hours of time, it saves your back as well.

Luckily, he wants to share this quick tip with you, so say goodbye to all that bending and stooping and learn how it's done in this video by Great 769!

(By the way, that 'was' our wheel barrow!)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Carbon Brokering Review - Top Learning Tools


If you're wondering what the new carbon credit brokering industry is all about, how to buy carbon credits or the how to become a broker yourself in this growing market, there is a wealth of information available to you.
Canada's number one environmentalist David Suzuki publishes a very useful guide online for those who want to purchase carbon credits to offset their travel footprint for example, or for their company.

The guide to purchasing carbon offsets is consumer based and walks you through an explanation of the industry, the size of the market, and a rated list of the top twenty brokers.

There is also a fair amount of information on the web for those who would like to become a carbon offset broker in this new and exciting industry. Unfortunately, most of it is available through painstaking and often confusing research.

Is there really opportunity out there as a carbon credit consultant? According to the Chicago Climate Exchange currently 30% of fortune 500 companies currently monitor their carbon footprint and look for ways to reduce or offset their carbon emissions. These companies and many, many more need a competent and accredited broker whose service buys and sells carbon offsets.

This is where you come in, but how does it work? Where do you find the carbon offsets to sell? How do you become accredited? How much do you charge for your service?


Ah, yes, the learning curve that comes with every new business. Carbon offset brokering can be complicated. There are pitfalls, lots of them in fact.

Here's the good news - a top broker for Carbon Ventures International has put together a complete and comprehensive course, that for a nominal fee covers everything you need to know to cash in on the lucrative carbon credit industry.

Carbon Ventures shows you what’s working – and what's not working in the industry, who's making serious money and exactly how they're doing it, how to maneuver around the pitfalls, become accredited, broker your own carbon trading deals and much, much more.

Even if you know very little about the carbon offset brokerage business now, you'll soon have insider knowledge of the industry in over 900 valuable pages of this one of a kind course.  You will be guided through the business step by step in easy to understand language so that you too can soon be cashing in on carbon credits too.

Good luck with your new business venture!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Survivalist Chic - Doomers Are Now Mainstream

According to a recent issue of Newsweek (click on title to view article), a new wave of 'preppers' has replaced the post-911 doomer generation. These aren't your average run of the mill survivalists dressed in army fatigues who've built a bivouac in the woods somewhere.

Nope, that was yesteryear, say, the 70's or a decade or so ago. This new, third-wave of survivalists is comprised of your son's teacher, your mechanic, your parents, perhaps you. Preppers are your average Mom and Pop who just happen to be stockpiling cans of Spam and candles, just in case.

Frightened by 911, climate change, overpopulation, peak oil and a tanking economy, the new mostly urban 'survivalist lite' crowd are the new doomers. They have buckets of grain and sugar stowed in their garage and they grow potatoes instead of manicured lawns, apple trees instead of Japanese maples.

As expected, a whole rash of "prepper' sites have sprung up to cater to those who just believe in covering their you-know-whats, and who can blame the capitalists, after all? There's a whole new market out there in doomerland.